First Lutheran Church

Bellefontaine, OH

"God's Work, Our Hands As We Keep Christ First"

Joining First Lutheran  

If you have been around First Lutheran and have decided it is a community of faith you would like to call home, we invite you to become a member. We encourage you to participate fully in the life of the church even before your formal membership.   You can indicate your interest in membership by filling out the friendship pad at the end of each pew in the sanctuary, filling out the form below, or contacting the church office to have a conversation about First Lutheran. 
Why become a member? The only formal aspect of membership is the opportunity to vote and/or be elected to office during congregational meetings. More important, we feel, is the commitment one makes through the act of becoming a member--though a simple enough action, it does lead to more active involvement and greater participation in the life and ministry of the church.